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Virtual Tour

Please enjoy the pictorial tour of our village of Bolton-by-Bowland and the Hamlet of Holden.

To start the tour first drive to Sawley (Map 53.915045, -2.342218), another lovely village, just off the A59 between Clitheroe and Skipton. Follow the signs for Bolton-by-Bowland down the narrow country lane. 

Virtual Tour: See and Do

1. Dakin Farm


A couple of miles after leaving Sawley (another lovely village), on your left side the escarpment containing the Dakin farms looks down on you. Map Ref 53.915045, -2.342218

2. Bolton Peel Farm


Then you pass Bolton Peel farm, also on your left. Map ref 53.933266, -2.341454

3. Copy Nook Hotel


Next you arrive at the Copy Nook Hotel, (Now closed). Turn left immediately after the Copy Nook to explore the hamlet of Holden. Map ref 53.939934, -2.339162

4. Hamlet of Holden


Up to Holden, turn left in the hamlet of Holden Map Ref : 53.940928, -2.344863

5. Holden Beck


When entering the Hamlet of Holden you will cross over the Holden Beck bridge..

6. Holden Beck Bridge


Holdon Beck Bridge Map Ref 53.940912, -2.344925

7. Methodist Church


continue through the Hamlet and past Holden Clough Nursery, and follow the road up until you reach the Methodist Church, on your right. Map ref : 53.942253, -2.350039

8. Holden Graveyard


Opposite the Church is a tiny graveyard on your left.Turn round where you can and drive back to Holden. Map Ref : 53.942039, -2.350146

9. Bolton By Bowland Village


Retracing your steps back to the Copy Nook Hotel, turn left towards Bolton-by-Bowland. You will pass the Settle Road to your left. Gardenmakers, Oaktree Nurseries and Middle Flass Lodge Guest House are a few miles down this road. Following on to BBB, you see the cricket ground on your right. Map ref 53.939836, -2.331691

10. Village Cricket Ground


The village cricket ground, from the bridge over Skirden Beck

11. Bridge of Skirden Beck


Crossing the bridge over Skirden Beck at the start of the village, looking up Main Street 53.939634, -2.330843

12. Village Car park & Information Centre


The car park. A good starting point for a walk. There is a small information room and some toilets. The Post Office and Tea Rooms are a few yards up the road. 53.939615, -2.330307

12. Main Street


Attractive whitewash and stone cottages line Main Street

13. Main Street


Main Street leads to the first of the two village greens Map Ref : 53.940069, -2.328880

14. Stocks Green


In Stocks Green the 13th century stocks. In the background the War Memorial whose gardens are lovingly cared for by the village Map ref : 53.940381, -2.328325

15. Stocks Green


13th Century stocks

16. Coach and Horses


In the heart of the village facing the stocks green is the village pub the Coach and Horses. Map Ref 53.939990, -2.328540

17. War Memorial


Turn left by the green and see the Hellifield Road, (beyond the War Memorial) leading out of the village

18. Hellifield Road


The Hellifield Road - attractive houses on both sides and Kirk Beck on the right hand side Map ref 53.940451, -2.327950

19. Jerusalem Hill


The houses at the back of Jerusalem Hill face on to the Hellifield Road Map ref 53.940706, -2.325967

20. Foxghyll


Further up the Hellifield Road, the private road to Foxghyll leads off to the left 53.943494, -2.322727

21. Hellifield Road


...and looking back down the Hellifield Road tand back to the Village centre

22. Gisburn Road


Retracing our steps back to stocks green, and leading up Main Street as it becomes the Gisburn Road... 53.939987, -2.327867

23. St Peter & St Paul's Chruch


...and St Peter & St Paul's Church appears on the left side of Gisburn Road.

24. St Peter and St Paul's


The Church was originally built before 1190, but was added to over the next 500 years, mainly by the Pudsay family.


25. St Peter and St Paul's Norman Tower


The imposing Norman tower

26. St Peter and St Paul's Main Gates


Main Gates of the Church of St Peter and St Paul's

27. Old School Cottages


After passing St Peter and St Paul's church you will pass a number of cottages which were orignally the old school buildings.

28. King Henry Mews


Directly opposite the old school cottages is the main entrance to King Henry Mews which is a 1 mile private drive to the grounds of the former Bolton Hall. Note access for walking only and the grounds of King Henry Mews are Private.

29. King Henry's Well


King Henry'sWell. King Henry VI sheltered at Bolton Hall to prevent capture by the Yorkshire soldiers after the battle of Hexham (1464). The well was reputedly built for him to bathe in.

Note - the Well is on Private grounds and can only be seen from the public footpath.

30. Orangery Chimney


The chimney of the fire that warmed the Orangery in Bolton Hall.

Note - the Chimney is on Private grounds and can only be seen from the public footpath.

31. Jerusalem Hill


Heading back from King Henry Mews turn right at the main gates and cross the road onto the road around the second village green. On the left side of this green is the quirky Jerusalem Hill.

32. Old Court House


On the left side of the green is the old court house

33. Second Village Green


The top of the second green, looking back to the Church

34. Bolton by Bowland Primary School


The thriving Church of England Primary School, at the top of the second green adjacent to Gisburn Road.

35. Tree Lined Gisburn Road


turning right at the School returns you back to the village centre via the tree lined Gisburn Road. Turing left leaves the viallge and heads towards the next Village of Gisburn.

36. The End


...and the Gisburn Road leads up and out of the village.

End of the village tour

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